Facebook launches CTA units for Instant Articles

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Facebook launches CTA units for Instant Articles

About two years ago, Facebook launched a new way for publishers to post their articles: Instant Articles. This allowed them to reach their audience within the Facebook mobile app in a fast, structured, and easy way. Instant Articles can be recognized by checking if the post has a little lightning bolt sign on the bottom left corner, below the headline.

This year, Facebook is launching a new function within these Instant Articles: call-to-action units.

This new tool allows you to gather leads, likes, or mobile app installs by integrating a form (or unit) inside the Instant Article. This offers three possibilities:

  1.  You can opt to show a form that gathers subscriptions for your newsletter
  2. You can add a like button to gather likes within the article.
  3. Finally, you can also have users install your app from the appropriate app store.*

Interested in the possibilities of Facebook Instant Articles? More info here .


*this function is currently in alpha testing and is only available to selected Facebook partner publishers.

Posted by Fairetail