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On Tuesday, 16/05/2017, the ‘Content Rules?!’ congress took place in Antwerp. This was the first congress in Flanders with a specific focus on content marketing, native advertising, and branded content. All very interesting subjects, so FairEtail sent 2 envoys to the AP Hogeschool in Antwerp because we couldn’t miss this.

But, what was the congress about? Well, they organized dozens of lectures, workshops, and case studies, which all gave multiple insights into content marketing strategies. By attending, FaireEtail will be better able to help their clients with everything related to content marketing.

Further on in this blog, we’ll talk about the most important takeaways and insights on this subject.

Joe Pulizzi, the famous keynote speaker and founder of the Content Marketing Institute, started the day. What we learned from him was the touchpoint you need to achieve between your company and the consumer. A lot of companies make the mistake of focusing too much on their product or brand without thinking of the consumer. It’s important that the consumer can find an answer to the question, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Once he finds the answer to this question, through your content, you get to the ‘Sweet Spot,’ the point where you have an overlap between your knowledge and expertise and the passion, question, or problem the consumer has.

At this point, the consumer considers your content to be valuable to him. This will lead to achieving your goals.

The next speaker we had was the famous marketer, Dave Trott. In his own specific way – with pen, paper, and an overhead projector – he explained his vision on content marketing.

His motto? ‘Simple is smart, complicated is stupid.’

According to him, companies are making their marketing and communications too complex. He suggests you need to formulate your message so that an 11-year old can understand it. If you don’t succeed in this, you are making it too difficult for the consumer. A second lesson we learned from him was that you need to try to differentiate. In line with making everything too complex, he finds that everybody tries to do the same thing.

To explain this, let us provide a little example. Do you know who the 44th president of the USA was? No? Do you know the first black president of the USA? Exactly, Obama is the correct answer to both questions. The difference in how you formulate the question proves what Trott means.

In question one, Obama was just lumped in with all of the other presidents the USA has had. However, in the second question, you arrive at the same answer, but from another angle. This is exactly what brands need to do to achieve a way to stand out. Don’t do the same as everybody else, but differentiate in a unique way to make your brand the obvious answer. And let this be the one thing you can do with content marketing.

Besides these two important keynote speakers, we also saw a lot of other interesting presentations. But with the lesson of Dave Trott in our minds, we’ll just provide a small roundup of the most important insights and learnings:

  • Content marketing is a marathon and not a sprint: Don’t focus on fast results. Content marketing is a long-term process.
  • Limit the number of objectives
  • Bring a unique and authentic story
  • Differentiate from the rest, don’t stay on the paved path, and go your own way
  • Be consistent in your story & channel

Or as Kris Dewitte says: ‘Less is more also applies to content marketing! It’s not the quantity but the quality that is important’

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